Boderiou Sheepskin Pipe Bag


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Boderiou Sheepskin Bags are made from the best skins available. This gives them a better airtightness and resonance.

Making process and specifications :

The tanning process helps to regulate humidity and will keep your reeds dry.

The carefully designed curved neck incorporates an especially supple gusset which instantly bends to suit your posture while avoiding the rigidity of some makes of swan neck.

Our special cut is ergonomic and helps to get the left shoulder down.

Available in Standard size.

Feedback :

I have been using the Boderiou sheepskin bag since March 2019 and could not be more happy with it. The bag comes in a standard size with the holes pre “star” cut which is great for those who don’t want to pressure of picking their stock placements and cutting their own holes. Surprisingly being a swan neck ‘preacher’ myself, the positions of the stock cuts along with the straight neck bag (more curved than straight) make for the comfiest bag I have ever played on to date.
Aesthetically, the bag looks like it is expertly crafted from superior leather and is super airtight. The first thing that came to my attention was that the high A had a more prominent and consistent ring with ALL the chanters I play on (Boderiou, Sinclair, G1 and R.G.Hardie) and the bag regulated moisture quite well which resulted in more stability over lengthy sessions. I also soon found the bag required less seasoning overtime having seasoned it maybe once in the past 3 months; being played once every 2-3 days or so.

I fully recommend you give the Boderiou sheepskin bag a go, big fan of this one!”

Lincoln HILTON

“I’ve been trialing the Boderiou bag now for 4 weeks and can’t believe how solid and comfortable this bag is. Just after one season from new and one night blowing I will easily say it is the most comfortable bag I’ve played in a long time. The airstream dynamic shape and cut has made playing enjoyable for me again. I’d highly recommend this bag to anyone”

Emmett CONWAY, Shotts & Dykehead Pipe Band Pipe Major

“I recently received a bag from Xavier Boderiou to try out here in Perth Western Australia. It came pre cut, which is a great bonus, as making a mistake cutting a bag can be a costlly exercise. The skin was good quality and the stitching along the seam was superb. Once tied in, it took a good amount of seasoning but this would be caused by the extremely hot and dry conditions we have here in summer. Once tight enough to play I found the bag as comfortable as any I’ve ever played, in fact, the neck design was such that the bag molded to my posture and became super comfy very quickly.
I’ve always went for a swan neck and had a few reservations at first, but I was quickly convinced that this ergonomic design as advertised was exactly what it said on the tin.
The bag quickly became solid under the arm and the most comfortable bag I’ve ever played.
Another pleasing aspect is the effect the bag had on the high A. The Boderiou bag gave a nice ring and thickness to the high A on every chanter I tried in it. Going from a chanter that had quite a thin high A on one set of pipes to the pipes with the Boderiou bag, the difference in that high A was night and day.
This bag has been made by someone who knows exactly what pipers want from a bag. Comfort and tightness. The Boderiou bag offers both of these aspects with way less time and effort than other bags on the market. Bagpipes are a difficult beast to tame in our climate here, but this bag has made life pleasingly easier!

I’d recommend this bag all day every day!”

Stuart ROBERTSON, Western Australia Police Pipe Band (WAPOL)

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