Boderiou Uilleann Pipes practice set

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The Boderiou Uilleann Pipes practice set comes with a Boderiou Uilleann Pipes Chanter, a pipe bag with stocks and bellows.

The Boderiou Uilleann pipe chanter is one of the best on the market. The chanter is made from the best blackwood or boxwood.

Its unique bore helps to maximize your instrument’s efficiency and deliver a full, powerful sound.

The Boderiou Uilleann pipe chanter is made to get the right balance between richness of tone and tuning accuracy in both octaves.

Free-flowing and open, this chanter requires low pressure and so will suit the beginner or the accomplished piper.

The innovative « ONOFF »® Stop Key system allows pipers to stop the chanter while pulling the chanter top button mount. This design is both more attractive and simple than traditional designs.

The chanter comes reeded.

Manufacturing delay is around 2 months.


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Stop Key ONOFF

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