Kinnaird Edge Drone Reeds


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The Kinnaird Edge Drone Reeds are the first drone reed to incorporate a patented bendable tongue into the design.  This unique feature allows the piper to adjust the strength of the drone reed without the use of the bridle.  This is important since it allows the piper, for the first time, to make these adjustments independently.  The bridle position determines the tongue’s vibration frequency and this needs to be matched to the bore of the bagpipe.  This coupling between the reed and the bore is critical to optimum sound and performance.  All other reed designs require you to change this length to accommodate blowing strength.  In many cases this leads to a mismatch between the acoustics of the tongue and the bore, which reduces coupling and deteriorates sound.  The bendable tongue design allows a complete range of strength adjustment in one reed.  The same reed can be adjusted to accommodate the blowing strength of a new piper all the way up to the strongest band players.