Kilpatrick Pro Pad


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The Jim Kilpatrick ProPad features a base unit with a built-in magnet element and two separate pads. The first pad is white mylar which is ideal for both solo use and for drum corp practice as it enables you to hear all the detail with a wide dynamic range. The second pad is a grey silent foam pad which is quieter but still allows you to hear the detail and is ideal for restricted areas and confined spaces where you may not want to be playing on a louder surface.

The interchangeable pad is kept tightly in place using magnetic force and with the aid of two side-grips to prevent movement. To change the pads, simply remove from the base unit using the side-grips on either side of the pad.

A built-in 8mm thread allows the pad to be fitted to a standard cymbal stand or it can fitted to a Jim Kilpatrick snare stand or Jim Kilpatrick snare carrier using a Jim Kilpatrick pad adaptor.

The Jim Kilpatrick ProPad set comes complete with a base unit and two interchangeable pads (a white mylar pad and a grey silent pad).