Tone Temple


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A lot of people forget that there is a hole on the bottom of your reed that decreases the practical use of whatever humidified device that is on top of the reed. It’s like raving about the cap of a water bottle but there is a leak on the bottom. You could plug the bottom but that would increase the chance of mould growth unless you decrease the humidity level inside the cap, which defeats the point of a humidified top. I decided to come up with a solution that addresses these problems.

Tone Temple is an essential pipers tool for those looking to get the best sound out of their chanter and reed with the best strength/mould protection on the market. Tone Temple is shock resistant with the strength of a PVC pipe and is FAR more sturdy then any other chanter case on the market. Each case has been pre-seasoned in an intensive 14 day process so the internal wood is at optimum moisture levels, this means you can start using your Tone Temple right away.

It has an air purification characteristic that not only smells nice, it also acts as prevention to mould appearing on your reed. Relative Humidity can be viewed by the meter on the top of the chanter case (no batteries needed). On the outside, the Tone Temple is genuine leather to not only look great but to make sure it rubs up nice and snug against your fragile and probably very expensive bagpipes. It also comes with a humidifier stick that helps you regulate the relative humidity as a secondary adjustment along side the case itself.