Grey’s Notes on a life around Bagpipes


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Hipsters, piping clowns, God, Glasgow and the politically correct, Michael Grey has covered a lot of ground in his over ten years of writing reflections both online and in print. The launch celebrates the publication of his most liked words all in one place: a book. The session will include tunes, special guests and a surprise or two!

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading Michael’s writings over the years. His articles are consistently full of effort and interest. Invariably, they have a long shelf life. I’m always impressed by how he finds an interesting angle on his subject matter. You could say his writings are the prose equivalent of his inventive music compositions.” 

~ Stuart Letford, Editor,, Glasgow, Scotland

“Knowing Michael Grey for my whole adult life has been one of my greatest pleasures, and having read almost every word of what he’s ever written piping-wise, I’ve always said to him that he’s partially missed his true calling as one of the very best-ever piping correspondents, because like most of us, he’s unfortunately had to do something else in order to make a good living. Thanks to this new and much-anticipated book, we get to read all of it and more again. Mike is, quite simply, the Allan Fotheringham of the bagpipe (non-Canadians please Google).” 

~ Colin MacLellan, Edinburgh, Scotland