Modern Piping Book No.10


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Tune list:

Lincoln Hilton

The Tower

No More Bull

Ian McMaster

Calum Brown


Chris Armstrong

Sammy’s Trip to the Northern Meetings

The Syndicate


Dougie McCance

In the 128

Good To Be Back


Scott Wallace

Roasted Before 12

Truffles on the Swan


Alisdair McLaren

The Germanator

Shark Bait Ohh ah ha!


Ross Ainslie

Handa Island

Tune for Everyone in D


Bruce Gandy


Kaite and Maggie’s Hornpipe



Lorne MacDougall

Neil MacDougall of Carradale’s 75th

Trip to Giha

The Ginger Jig


Alex Gandy

George Stuart Aumonier

The California Kings

Patrick’s Revalations


Xavier Boderiou

Lament for A10

The Left Side

Done Deal